Each Marnaut Dark Surge 300m has a serial production number stamped on the back of the case and a unique QR code is provided for verification via mobile app. 

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The serial number is found on the back of the case and is read as follows:

Brand name – model name – year produced – month produced – model produced – model variation.


Prototype - MARNAUT Dark Surge - 2018 - June - No.003 PRODUCED IN 2018 - Silver bezel model




Match THE case serial number with the app generated number


Scanning the QR code using the app CertiEye (on android or ios) will produce a serial number that matches the one stamped on the case. Any watch without the two-step verification or these matching serial numbers is not Marnaut. The app will not scan a copy of the authentication card but only the original Capping the supply means Marnaut timepieces hold their value and our customers have pride in ownership

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Two-factor verification process ENSURES you are buying aN AUTHENTIC MARNAUT TIMEPIECE