Marnaut is a small, independent watch brand that prides itself on creating a unique product. 


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Designed in Croatia and engineered to explore the world’s uncharted places, Marnaut timepieces mark a return to the enduring style and quality of the great dive watches of the past.

Established in 2018 by career-creative and life-long horology enthusiast Mario Jutronic, Marnaut is an independent watch brand that prides itself on making high-performance, modern ocean timepieces inspired by mid-20th century design.



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Pride in Craft

Marnaut is about creating stylish and enduring limited-batch dive watches. Our timepieces work at depths of 300m and have the high-grade materials and craftsmanship to match. 


Original but classic

We go beyond the simplicity and wearability of the others to bring a high-performance, modern-day classic to the dive-watch segment. We have gone to great lengths to source the best components and develop a one-of-a-kind timepiece that stands confidently alongside luxury brands, which cost far more.